Deep Sea Fishing

Halifax City
A view of downtown halifax

Fishing in the North Atlantic waters is different from fishing anywhere else in the world.Why so? Come and join this memorable expedition, it will not only enthralled and open your eyes to the north sea, but will leave with admiration of our coast line and the fishermen have haul its bounties over the years. We will be looking and fishing for Wolfish, Boston Blue fish, Shark, Mackrel, Haddock, Cod fish and many more. You can keep what you catch if so desired or do what most of our clients do, catch and realize…. trying to encourage the spirit of conservation and protecting our environment, either way, the thrill will last you a life time. While we are making our way to and from the fishing grounds, we will provide narration on some of the historical sites and significant buildings that has claimed its right of place over the years.

We will provide you with all fishing equipment.
Please dress appropriately for this tour. Walking shoes are ideal.

Minimum number required for this tour is ten.
Maximum number required for this tour is Thirty.

Call or Email us today to reserve a booking for an educational and adventurous tour.