Brier Island Whale / Nature

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A fascinating tour which explains the remarkable story of the Brier Island tides and their profound influence on nature especially Whales and migratory birds and their connection to history, culture and the eco-system. A tiny Island in the Bay of Fundy—-Brier’s Island is rich with history and wild life, as well, it is reputed as the best whale watching place in Atlantic Canada. It is a major stop over for many species of whales, such as Minkes, Dolphins, Porpoises’, the great Humpbacks and many more. (A blue whale was spotted there).On this tour, you will learn:

  • What months have the Whales been spotted?
  • Where does the whale spend the summer?
  • What is the minimum age of a whale?
  • Do whales return to same area to meet and greet family members?

We will combine this tour with our now ever famous Bird watching tour. The Island is a path for migratory birds from the great black-back gull to spotted sandpiper. The primary advantage of migration is energetic. The longer days of the northern summer provide greater opportunities for breeding birds to feed their young. Shore birds, different species of Ducks, Sea birds and many more will greet your dawn. We will also hike the Seal colony to spot your favorite Seals snuggling together on their “pavilion”. It is recommended that guest should provide their own binoculars and solid walking shoes, preferably hiking boots.

Minimum participant is six persons and more. We will stay overnight in Brier Island.

We will arrange all accommodation, breakfast, tolls and Whale watch fees.
If you love nature, hiking, kayaking, Whale and Bird watch, why not join us on this tour.

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