Cape Breton

Halifax City
A view of downtown halifax

One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life time; so beautiful that Alexander Graham Bell choose Cape Breton as his etirement home. So beautiful that you will fall in love with the area and it’s people.The history of the Cabot Trail begins with the Mik’maq people (natives that primarily inhabited Maritime Canada), the mik’maq means “my kin-friends”, the natives lived throughout Cape Breton Island in smaller groups.

In 1497, the first Europeans led by Giovanni Caboto(John Cabot) arrive on Cape Breton Highlands. It wasn’t till 1936 that Cape Breton highland national park was created to protect the Cabot Trial as a national historic sites.

On this tour, we will spend three nights and four days in various places along our chosen route.

Among places to explore:

  • Pictou Country: Home to Hector, famous Scottish migration ship of the 1800′s
  • Canso area to Kelly’s Mountain
  • Alexander Graham Bell Museum
  • Big Bras Dor
  • Sidney
  • South Gut of St. Ann

Many more places too numerous to mention.

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