Evangeline Trail / Grand Pre

Halifax City
A view of downtown halifax

EVANGELINE —”A TALE OF THE ACADIE” is a poem by an American. The poet Henry W. Longfellow wrote this poem during the Second World War and it has come to symbolize a story about lost love between the young Evangeline betrothal to her lover, Gabriel, and the subsequent separation as The British deported The Acadians from the province of Nova Scotia in 1755.

This is one of the epic love stories that reduce most of our clients to tears at it’s conclusion. The great explusion in 1755, The Canadian government helped build a memorial park i the Grand Pre area. A fascinating tour which explains the remarkable and resilient spirit of The Acadians, we will visit the presumed site of the original deportation and you will feel the eerie of how families were torn apart. The full Cajun story will never be told fully without visiting the Grand Pre.

We will spend a great deal of time exploring and reflecting on the grounds of the museum. We will tour the areas known today as Wolfville. Finally, we will stop an eatry for a quick Cajun lunch. Seeking unspoilt natural beauty and romance? then join us for this tour. Museum fees excluded from our rate.

Duration of tour: 5 Hours

Narrated tour: The will be narration of film at the Museum. Tour is educational and adventurous

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